…Adrift On Distant Metaphors

This section of the blog is dedicated to all those who believe in the process of expression through words. To the unattended thoughts that are searching for a vessel that will escort ideals into an oasis of opportunity. This is dedicated to mornings, afternoons and evenings. This goes out to the women who help shape me. To the Angels who raised me ( Grandmothers Lizzie and Myrtle. Mother Nancy). This is dedicated to those ears who listened to my fears and the hands that helped to wipe away my tears and those feet that walked the trails of wisdom with me through the years. To my two Beautiful Daughters: Mychaela DeAnne-Lynn Goss & MaLanni Danee Goss, I leave you my Legacy!


8 thoughts on “…Adrift On Distant Metaphors”

  1. you took these pictures? beautiful kids 🙂

  2. They are really so cute and beautiful children.

  3. Lovely!

  4. Hi There, any more of ME?

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