It makes it easier!!
Noo…no, naw. Nope!

It’s the confinement of illiterate hope that rocks the boat. There was no understanding above water

Didn’t know that possibility could float.

So I carried change in my pockets with permission to climb a pessimistic rope.

Noo…no, naw. Nope!
It was harder because my heart was soaked!

I tried to escape but pain infringed on my ability to befriend triumph.

Stumped, my big toe is now my enormous distraction, excuse me, I mean my excuse for not wanting to walk along the path of must haves. Half of this thing is my responsibility and yet deflecting regrets blurs the sight of visionary song birds

They sing in Harmony with the waves of Change…in my pocket that is!!!

~Marshall Jr.

Text copyright © 2014 by Marshall D. Goss Jr.