I’ve decided to share this morning!

Rhythm Of Silence!

Her Antics drew a crowd like the Night Watch -Rembrandt. Her posted at the front door like a seasoned club bouncer asking where I beeen at-Sheesh! I’m astonished by the direct attempt to shake, not stir my emotional sovereignty. Attempting to remain civilized-Gettysburg-I Addressed her crooked smile in defense. What do you mean where I beeeen? Thinking to myself, if this sword was a pen I’d sever ties with her make believe lies to defend my honor. Now considering all points valid, I count my blessings and move beyond her theory of negligence. But I won’t pretend that her insecurity has no relevance. Derelict-we are talking about how I was feeling, she only gave first glance at the presence of sincerity.

So those cold shoulders led me outside to paint raindrops to match the moods of my misfortune. Blues like Coltrane and Ellington-Sentimental tears of anger whispering beneath the contour of my eyes. Red defines my discretion, expressions don’t lie. Yet every drop of moisture is a surprise internally. While Sincere motives of emotional reasons saturate my external rhymes.

I found Jazz one day, but long after ignorance’s first stanza! It trickled possibility through heart felt melodic remedies along the ivory keys to ebony’s over standing of Loves mishaps. Two snaps as the baseline navigates and the beat breaks…

I’ve taken offense to giggles intent so I ask while you catch groove that you don’t smile on this…Rhythm of silence!

Written by Marshall Goss Jr.

Text Copyright © 2013 by Marshall D Goss Jr.