The Bible gives us much instruction when it comes to forgiveness.
We forgive because we have been forgiven by God (Ephesians 4:32).
We forgive in obedience to God (Matthew 6:14-15; Romans 12:18).
We forgive others to gain control of our lives from hurt emotions (Genesis 4:1-8).
We forgive so we won’t become bitter and defile those around us (Hebrews 12:14-15).


I wish I could write like the wind. Whistling through despair! Damn, life would be a breeze.

I wish I could write. If I was able, 1976 would be of major significance. Six years later I would address the emotional negligence. I would hand down a story line that would erase the fence. Man I would walk right up to my pops at age 6 and emphatically say MAN, DONT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE CHILDREN PRESENT. That’s right, I would be courageous. I’d show him that I would later make something of myself. Yeah! It would be great. I would reincarnate as rhythm so that I could be the beat to my fathers emotional sound track. He would love the sound of music. He would have happy feet. He would dance the night away. Yeah, he would have a party and then he would share me with the world. He would! yea he would. If I could write, The Wrong Impression would be the name of a grass roots apparel worn to unify family and not the measure of character. And people would see my pops in a full sweat suit because he’s stylish like that and say, he’s really a good guy! Yeah, I would have one too because he named me after him in his honor. I would have to live up to expectations. Man, I probably would have to wear that thing everyday! And I would have because he’s my dad. If I could write, I’d probably invent a self cleaning sweatsuit because it would STINK! But I would’ve worn it anyway. Because I love him. Now that I think about it, if was able to right, I would write my pops a letter and it would emphatically say, I FORGIVE YOU!
~Written by Marshall Jr.