The fact of the matter is that drunken bladders are pissed off by the liquid ignorance of societies negligence. so now We are swinging for the fence- home run-to Africa and back- but only if it makes sense-political relevance. Special interest tactics,to keep secrets in and truth at a distance…..the Red Elephants barbed wired the fence. And When the scars from climbing for freedom were exposed, special interest called an audible-Willie Lynch! See, Fear confuses the people, weakens their power. How Dare the patriotism of America be questioned…gain some perspective people….911’d the Towers. Special interest bullies made it Reign-Holocost , Slavery, Vietnam Showers!! And they’ve been tapping so long, I’ve wore holes in my house shoes from back and forth trips to the pay phone. Ain’t no place I call home. Anywhere I lay head I’m bugged by megabytes. Now I understand why pops was a rolling stone. He gathered no moss that represented the media of America Attempting to out fox us…….False…keeping it Funky baby I’m from the hood…pass me a cigarette. We’re all Four lettered with a ED Suffix!! I’m trying to taught you, learn something!

~Marshall Jr