Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.

~Charles F Kettering


Like Father Like…..
He didn’t understand that hanging around would have a profound affect on how my manhood would sound.
~ I mean he could have at least left a few notes that I could have chopped up and strategically placed in my life as motivational quotes.
~ I mean even a bike ride would have allowed me to take pride and understand that integrity doesn’t fraternize with lies and being a man doesn’t mean you can’t cry but it takes a man to stand up and respond responsibly when eyes do dry.
~He could have forewarned me about the dangers of planting Roses, that even in their beauty, thorns can leaves your heart torn.
~Yo, He could’ve just been a father. But he chose not to bother.
36 & Prime!
~Marshall Jr