“Rush Hour Traffic”

It’s a Friday, I’ve been working all day and now I have to navigate through city traffic just to reach a monstrous line of exhausted, discontent, stressed, impatient drivers, as I head north on I-205 to see my beautiful one year old daughter. Some how throughout my work day I lost track of the fact that its a long weekend so the traffic seems to have inflated and is backed up into points of the city that would normally be the easy transitional drive home or to the local grocery store. Soooo….its gas, break, gas, break…wait! Side Bar; have you noticed that common courtesy literally gets thrown out of the window in those situations? It’s CRAZY! 🙂 I’m staggering between a 86 Honda Civic that’s pumping exhaust clouds into my windshield in front of me. A lifted pick up truck with wheels larger than my car, teetering the line that separates the lanes to my right. It was rather intimidating considering traffic was bumper to bumper; stop and go! And behind me was what appeared to be an eager mom driving a Odyssey mini van. As if the fact that traffic is unbearable and I’m boxed in by the elements wasn’t enough to drive me crazy, I realize that there is an accident up ahead in both lanes. Now traffic is at a stand still. I was first frustrated but somewhere in between the exhaust of the civic, the revving engine of the pick up truck and the squealing brakes of the mini van, I found myself escaping within the rhythm of the Bill Withers playing from my iPhone playlist. As a good friend of mine would describe the moment, I stopped to tare open each sugar packet!:). I’ve had a busy week and some how irony provided the perfect moment of clarity in the midst of a traffic jam. I began to reflect on all that occupies every second of my life. Accounting for the times that I left opportunity hanging on my ideals of work ethic and prioritization. Im exhausted from being busy accomplishing mediaracy. Living with unattended hopes, dreams and aspirations is like living with a conscious of guilt from cheating, lying and stealing. We are taught to continue to strive for greatness. To reach higher to obtain the goals that we set for ourselves in search for a lifestyle that allows us to live comfortably, a lifestyle that allows us to serve our communities and assist our families when in need. How we do that is we find the courage to reach out and obtain the things that we deem of importance to be successful. Realizing that I’m still not moving, I take a deep breath to allow the oxygen to flow with intent to my brain. I continued my thoughts about what I have accomplished thus far and what my goals are. The understanding of my abilities and where I want to take my skill set is frustrating because I’ve continued to entertain my fears. At 36 there is no more test runs to see if things will work out. I have proved that my knowledge and passion for what I do is valuable. I have to see the value within myself. This revelation seemed to ring in my ear so loud and clear as if my subconscious was trying to attract my attention with horns and screaming. I mean I couldn’t believe it. I was having an AH HA moment. Just then I looked up in my rear view mirror and I could see the eager mother mouthing something. I turned my radio down and stuck my head out of the window. I asked, “what is it that you’re saying?” She replied, “it’s your turn to Move Forward, you have the Green Light!”
Enough Said!

Take a moment to breath a move forward! Look for the ME Project! Coming Soon!

Talk to me Folks, I’m Listening!
Marshall Jr