“Bridging the Gap”

It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men.
Frederick Douglas

As I read this quote, I was reminded about the roles my grandmothers played in my life when I was a youth and into my young adulthood. The affirmation that someone loved me enough to assist me with the translation of the messages of life I now understand is priceless. Always unconditional, my Interactions with my Grandmothers provided opportunities for sowing. They made sure that wisdoms soil kept me firmly rooted and nourished with the life essentials (love, knowledge of self, family, morals, values, the importance of community service and compassion). Those pieces aided me along my travels.

I’ve done work and continue to work in communities with the goal in mind to pass down to youth what has been passed down to me. I begin that work with my own children. I saw at an early age that I wanted more of life. What I was witnessing was absence! I was need of, I deserved and it was essential that my father be present. He wasn’t! So what is left for our children when facing multiple obstacles. What are they to do when life continues and they have to fend for themselves and find a way to keep up?

I was blessed to have other people present providing me with valuable tools that helped me along the way. If you have an opportunity to say hello to a child; say it! Ask how their day has gone. If you have time to talk science, poetry, sports, business, life with a child/youth then do so.

A cell that is not in motion is not a productive member of the system. It assumes that all of the other cell will pick up the slack somewhere. They don’t, in fact, all of the other cells begin to immulate that unproductive cell and the whole system begins to crash!

Lets not be that unproductive cell! Engage!

Talk to me folks, I’m Listening!
Marshall Jr