“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”
~Bill Cosby

My father once asked me why I felt the need to continue to try to communicate with people who choose not to listen. My reply was that I chose to leave a position with an organization that I had been an employee of for ten years. That was two years ago. At the time, my co-workers, friends and some family members questioned my decision to leave. Two years later those same people have a different perspective. They now applaud my courage. They make aspiring comments, wishing they could go with their gut instinct. The problem now is at times I feel like standing atop my car and “YELLING”!

Hearing the Applause of my peers confirmed the feeling in my Gut, that my decision to move progressively was the right decision. There is an issue! I’m beginning to feel that thing in my Gut that led to my departure two years ago. Life has seasoned me through experience. I must trust that I have positioned myself for success through progressive planning. How do we know when to leap?
Talk to me folks, I’m Listening!
Marshall Jr