For those interested in a progressive philosophy of empowerment through mentoring youth feel free to message me. With that said, I am looking for support…
Marshall D. Goss Jr. –


“How was your day Marsh?”

Real Quick
Roller coaster. Im drifting in and out of consciousness. UP and down UP and down. The sickness. Earl is traveling rapidly up north. Some days are nauseous, others, provoked by acid reflex. At peak, the view above the s/trees is breath takenly motivating. Beneath, well I clutch on to moods that move pettiness and simplistic models of you may just get a hello at best. My moods are bipolar -transparency of a metaphor! My smile strokes the egos of the ignorant- emotional whore!

My day was cool! How was yours? 😉

~Written by Marshall Jr.

Text Copyright © 2014 by Marshall D Goss Jr.